Over Coffee #3 - Pella of Columbus 1When it comes to windows and doors, the name “Pella” and the yellow bullseye are familiar to many remodelers and builders. Whether it’s their vast selection of window types and styles or the reliability of their products and experts that bring them to you, Pella Windows and Doors has earned credibility among numerous companies and homeowners looking for quality and value in their project. Today, we’ll look at Pella’s local operations (and now locally owned), Pella of Columbus (POC).

Pella Windows and Doors is named after the town Pella, Iowa—where their company began in 1925 and where their products are still manufactured to this day. Pella products are distributed by branches throughout the United States, with a few being in Ohio. POC was previously owned by Gunton Corporation, a distributor owning several Pella locations across the Midwest and East coast. With such an extensive area to manage, the Columbus location had historically not been a primary focus, this changed in late 2021.

Majority ownership for the Columbus branch of Pella was purchased in December of 2021 by Mark Robinson, who sought to provide the attention needed to thrive in central Ohio. Under his leadership, the Columbus branch has been growing in local popularity and success. Pella’s leaders are now closer to the businesses and clients they are providing for thanks to this new ownership, and they can personally service customers with best-in-class operations and field support teams. Because of this, the company believes that it can grow and be a better community partner. 

Pella’s product selection lives up to the name it has built, too. Their lines consist of any kind of window and door you could want—and different customization options to personalize the way you want them. Along with style, their products are also durable and dependable, with the industry’s best warranties and with frames like weather-resistant wood, quality vinyl, and strong fiberglass. Their new showroom at Polaris provides customers with the ability to understand what products are right for them, and Pella’s staff are expertly trained to help customers make the best decision for their home and wallet. For residential and commercial builders, Pella has educated staff to discuss architectural needs and resources to assist in the fenestration aspects of a project.  Pella of Columbus has spent the last two years building industry leading installation and service teams whereas many distributors like to sell the product only and allow a third-party to perform in the field.

Over Coffee #3 - Pella of Columbus 2

 Mark Robinson, president of Pella of Columbus, has a great deal of experience in operating and growing a business. Prior to taking his place at Pella of Columbus, he developed his career at businesses in the automotive and aerospace & defense industries, earning credibility as a knowledgeable and driven leader. He and his team at Pella are devoted to offering the best service to their growing network of clients, from homeowners, remodelers, new construction firms, commercial contractors and all in between. The BIA is glad to have their support, and we look forward to doing the same for them!


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