Member Spotlight #7 - 3G Concrete Coatings 1

Where family values and hard work meet, you often find companies with a strong work ethic and even stronger ties to their customers and employees. Family is a strong unit, and with people so accustomed to each other’s methods and styles, a lot can be done when those individual strengths come together to make a machine work. Meet 3G Concrete Coatings, one of these privately-owned businesses. This company has a rich history that testifies to the strength of faith, family, and female leadership, and in today’s article, we’ll be turning the spotlight on their accomplishments. 

Member Spotlight #7 - 3G Concrete Coatings 2Before 3G Concrete Coatings came to be, Roger and Angel Tedrow started Superior Construction, which eventually got rebranded to 3G Construction in 2018 because of the Tedrows’ daughters (often referred to as the 3Girls). The business has over 25 years of residential, commercial, and industrial construction experience under their belt. In 2020—when the 3Girls developed a division specializing in concrete coatings—Janessa, Janae, and Jenna stepped up to the plate and fulfilled their dreams of running a business. This company has created a great reputation of customer-first service and an awesome work culture. They offer services for residential and commercial projects and have added a special finishing touch to hundreds of garages, patios, mechanic shops, restaurants, hotels, offices, and much more. Many happy home and business owners can testify to their satisfactory work! 3G Concrete Coatings started with their Johnstown office, serving Central Ohio and gradually branching out to the entirety of Ohio and states as far out as Virginia. With their recent addition of a new division in Cincinnati, the 3Girls plan to keep expanding their reach down to Kentucky, providing their unique concrete coating solutions to even more people. As Intel moves to the areas, both 3G Construction Services and 3G Concrete Coatings are Member Spotlight #7 - 3G Concrete Coatings 3planning to help on both residential and commercial projects and keep encouraging their workers to display the company’s shared principles. To the 3Girls, nothing is more principal than an honest relationship with a customer. Their values are reflected in their workers and in the quality service they provide. Their staff has excellent drive, and the work culture that has been created within 3G is something the Tedrows strive to maintain and build upon.

Janessa Tedrow, eldest of the sisters, always grew up around entrepreneurs and wanted to create a successful business as well. After falling in love with photography at 9 and starting her own photography business at 16, Janessa’s fascination with owning her own business grew, and she obtained her business management degree from Ohio Christian University. When she’s not in the 3G office, Janessa works in real estate and helps sellers and buyers with their real estate needs through Century 21 Frank Frye Real Estate. 

Jenna Tedrow, the youngest, serves as 3G’s Scheduling and Communications Director. Thanks to her help, the 3G’s are able to plan and communicate with customers effectively. Jenna coordinates their installation schedule and manages both Columbus and Cincinnati territories sales team schedules. This takes careful planning and managing multiple schedules. 

With the help of their assistants (as Janessa likes to call them, “the 3G’s behind the 3G’s”), the Tedrow sisters are able to balance their responsibilities at 3G Concrete Coatings and their personal careers. Teamwork is truly a key reason for the success of 3G Concrete Coatings! 

The 3G brand would not be what it is without its values, which stem from faith and spread into all the parts of 3G, including the quality of their service and the integrity of their installers and administrative staff. What an awesome example of the benefits of trust and unity this company is! Seeing as how 3G Concrete Coatings just celebrated its four year anniversary in March, we’re happy to thank them for being part of the BIA and exhibiting the honest hard work and customer-oriented focus the BIA encourages. Happy anniversary, 3G!