When most people think of landscaping, they typically have the usual lawn-mowing and weed-trimming basics in mind. A lot of people tend to mow their own lawns and tend to the flower bed around their porch, and rather enjoy doing so. However, other families and most companies don’t have the time to care for their facilities and often need the assistance of a landscaping contractor. Some contractors go above and beyond the basics of lawn care and provide everything someone would need to maintain the outdoors of their facility. A local company that has gained recognition for its broad selection of services and trusted execution would be Anders Lawn & Landscape, a new business to the BIA.

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We’d be shocked if Anders Lawn & Landscape couldn’t cover one of your outdoor needs. They offer a long list of landscaping services: Need a hand in lawn mowing? Planter, flower bed, and mulch installation? Tree and shrub removal or maintenance? Anders Lawn & Landscape has a man for the job. Their work doesn’t halt at the first snow, either; They also provide snow and ice removal, keeping your home or facility traversable and safe throughout the winter season. Going below the surface, this landscaping service is also certified in fertilization and offers four different fertilization and chemical packages to improve your yard, ranging from simple treatments preparing your lawn for the weather, to helping your lawn be as weather-resistant, healthy, and beautiful as it can be all year long.

Anders Lawn & Landscape has joined the BIA to spread word about their recent addition to their long list of services: Excavation. Yes, not only do they cater to the needs of homeowners and establishments, but construction companies, too! With the addition of new machinery and training, Anders Lawn & Landscape has been able to hire full-time employees for their excavation endeavors, including sod and seed installation, footers, footer drains, downspout and drainage, prep work for parking lots and driveways, driveway installation, land clearing and demolition, wet basement and yard repair, building pads, and any level of erosion control. Now that’s a lot! Their options, paired with their earned reputation of dependability, made Anders Lawn & Landscape the #1 Lawn Care and Landscaping Company in Licking County last year—A fantastic achievement!

Cole Anders, president and founder of Anders Lawn & Landscape, started his career mowing lawns at 12 years old. He began working for a landscaping business at 15 and set himself on starting his own in 2009 at age 19. Throughout the years, Cole Anders has used word-of-mouth to gain a majority of his clients, and the age-old method has proved its success! His business has persevered through all the obstacles it has faced in 20 years, from the beginning stages of getting Anders’s name out there to keeping up with a big demand during the years of COVID. Cole and his team have established many friendships with the businesses they serve, including churches, schools, public parks, historical landmarks, and neighborhoods in and around Licking County—even going so far as sponsoring t-ball teams that play on the fields they maintain. Anders and his company have worked hard for the recognition and trust they’ve gained, and it is well earned.

There is more to a home than only the house. Much goes into all aspects of constructing a fine building, but similarly, a lot of effort goes into the outdoor additions to make a property really shine. Whether you’re seeking preparation for a new project, assistance in a current project, or improvement upon a finished project, we encourage you to check out our friends at Anders Lawn & Landscape and see their locally-renowned work for yourself. We’re glad to have them as new members of the association, and look forward to seeing them grow even more and show their new services to you!