The Buckeye Valley Building Industry Association (BIA) is an organization dedicated to promoting professionalism and skill in our local building industry, growing a community of respected contractors and subcontractors, and encouraging partnerships between local businesses. By joining the BIA, you join a voice representing your fellow businesses, a networking hub, a mission to provide our towns and cities with quality work and services.

Who can join the BIA?

The Buckeye Valley BIA spans Licking, Muskingum, Morgan, Guernsey, and Coshocton counties. From these areas, we welcome residential, commercial, and industrial contractors (“Builders”) to join our membership, along with subcontractors, retail chains, suppliers, lawyers, organizations, and more (“Associates”).

For our Builders & Associates membership application, click HERE.

Realtors and other local businesses not directly connected to the building industry can still be involved, and we offer special means of partaking in our organization’s body for such businesses.

For our Realtors and Partners application, click HERE.

Respect and Recognition

The Buckeye Valley BIA prides itself in the integrity and skill of the companies that make up our community. While any contractor or subcontractor business can apply for membership, those that join are companies that express care for their trade, the housing market, and professionalism with their membership—so much so that they find membership to be important. We believe in upholding an example of what trustworthy service providers should look like for homeowners and other businesses.

Member Directory

Each year, the Buckeye Valley BIA releases a directory containing the contacts for all of our members. On top of the exposure through the directory’s contents, other advertising options are available during the process of creating the next year’s directory. For more details on such opportunities, click HERE.

Local, State, and National Representation

Though our organization functions independently, the Buckeye Valley BIA is one of many Ohio building associations branched from the Ohio Home Builders Association (OHBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Membership to the Buckeye Valley BIA also comes with membership to OHBA and NAHB, who are constantly at work to keep housing needs as a priority to our national and state legislative branches. Members of the Buckeye Valley BIA join an ever-growing voice on behalf of all levels of the trades industry.

Promotion and Visibility

Members can take up on marketing offers through the BIA’s platforms and activities. By sponsoring the BIA with event sponsorships and tiered annual sponsorships, we can get your name out there.

Savings Programs

The Buckeye Valley BIA provides members with many beneficial programs provided by our partners, state association, and national association, all of which can help your company grow. Such programs can be found by clicking HERE.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Our friends at Sedgwick have provided BIA members a helping hand in navigating workers compensation and making sure you’re maximizing your savings. Through their group rating programs and assistance, Sedgwick saves many employers millions of dollars annually! More information can be found HERE.

Youth Efforts

The Buckeye Valley BIA finds involvement with students to be key to our future workforce. With this in mind, we created the Jr. Spike Club, a youth group in which students grade 8–12 can be exposed to the world of the trades. We have been developing plans for students to engage in hands-on learning, tours, and volunteer days.

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