Over Coffee #4 - AWR Design Group, LLC 1

No builder can build anything without knowing what needs to be built. It takes meticulous attention to detail and a creative scope to create the designs for the homes we live in, and for planners in architectural design, understanding the whole process is vital to providing realistic and efficient layouts. Just recently, the BIA has welcomed one of these design groups to join our membership: The AWR Design Group.

The AWR Design Group opened for business in November of 2023, making it a fairly recent addition to the nearby building industry. However, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been busy. AWR Design has already begun designing six projects just since starting, including some large custom homes in Licking County, storage units, and a clubhouse for a new subdivision in Pataskala. Their goal is to streamline the design process to make designing residential architecture as simple as possible, and they’ve begun to do this in a number of ways. From their transparency of the design process on their website to their use of models in 3D software, it’s easy to visualize the layout of the homes and structures they create and the plan to get there. Builders and homeowners alike can trust that this group has their best interest in mind, both for budgets and aspirations.

Alex Ratai, the founder of AWR Design Group, has a lot of experience in the building industry under his belt. Even before his career began, he was using tools with his father and his family’s business! Thanks to Alex’s experience in the building industry—from helping build homes, to approving design plans at the building code department—he knows what goes down on site from the beginning of the planning stages to the final check on home inspection (As his philosophy goes: “You have to be able to build it to draw it”). Now that he has started his new business, he has been able to embrace his dream of designing new projects and helping people create their dream homes. Working alongside his team, Alex plans to grow clientele in 2024 and face the housing boom coming to his area. We look forward to seeing AWR Design Group’s success in their journey and welcome them to our community!


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