If there is a construction company that many people in Central Ohio can recognize, it’s Robertson Construction Services, Inc. For the last 27 years, Robertson Construction has served our communities, bringing their “people first” approach to construction to every interaction and project. From performing renovation to bringing new structures to life in the Central Ohio area, from building on school grounds to medical campuses and all in between, this company has earned a reputation for their quality work, safety measures, and workplace environment from satisfied customers and all levels of employees. Today, we’ll be putting Robertson Construction at center stage and recognizing what has made this company prosper.

Member Spotlight #6 - Robertson Construction Services, Inc. 1

In 1997, Robertson Construction began with 5 people in the basement of the Robertson home. Within the first week of being officially open, the business took on three projects that would be the start of a great success story. One of these buildings, Mound School, was the first of many K-12 building projects that Robertson Construction would undertake—in fact, the business has had a hand in every school district in Licking County, from fixing up Licking Valley’s old high school (now middle school) to building new school facilities, with their latest project being the high school at Licking Heights. They’ve had a hand in higher-education facilities, too, like The Ohio State University, Denison University, and Miami University, to name a few. Robertson Construction is a good example of an independent construction contractor: They are self-performing, overseeing sites and providing many of their own services, such as welding, carpentry, excavation, and design. Robertson Construction is actually one of the largest general contractors in our area, with over half of their work being performed by its own employees—a big money-saver for their clients. When subcontractors have pitched in to help, Robertson Construction has worked alongside electrical companies like Weekley Electric, HVAC companies like Shaw Mechanical, excavation services like Layton Services, and lumber suppliers like Strait & Lamp Lumber. Robertson Construction also provides maintenance on their structures in case anything needs fixing, ensuring that things not only look and operate properly, but that they stay that way for years to come.

Member Spotlight #6 - Robertson Construction Services, Inc. 2

Robertson Construction has gone to many lengths to help their community by offering assistance at the humane society, food pantries, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and other local organizations. However, one of Robertson Construction’s biggest areas of focus is supporting education in Ohio. Many seniors enrolled in vocational school programs (such as Construction Technology and Carpentry) have opportunities to work for companies related to their field, and Robertson Construction is one of these companies. As apprentices, these students get to work alongside employees and be taught all the necessary skills in their craft on-site. A majority of these apprentices have continued after graduation to be fully-trained employees! All while Robertson Construction’s staff is taking high schoolers under their wing and presenting the building world to other students with hands-on activities, they are supporting other means of education with generous donations, such as the BIA’s Jr. Spike Club. It is fantastic to see businesses being involved in the future of the workforce and taking part in helping that future to thrive.

Member Spotlight #6 - Robertson Construction Services, Inc. 3Christian Robertson, president and founder of Robertson Construction, has built the company that bears his name with reflections of his own passions and ideals. After growing up in Newark and going to Purdue University, Robertson worked in the careers of construction and engineering, all the while appreciating challenges and watching with excitement as creations came to life in his profession. Always an entrepreneur, he also had the dream of one day starting his own business. Ten years later, this dream gave rise to Robertson Construction Services, a company that, today, needs little introduction due to its evident presence in Central Ohio. Even after the business’s workforce has grown to great numbers, Christian remains right beside the men and women in the corporate office and on the field, all of whom are working together to construct safe, beautiful local architecture and build Ohio’s future.

As far as all-around general contractors go, Robertson Construction is one to be contended with, and not only for their portfolio (though it is impressive). The family that Robertson Construction has grown within its walls partnered with their dedication to their clients’ needs is what gives it the resounding positivity it receives from so many individuals and companies—and, to some, that is what true success looks like. To those looking for a contractor and those looking for employment in the building industry, Robertson Construction is a pick that won’t be regretted. We at the BIA wish Robertson Construction a Happy 27th Anniversary and many more years of success!